Our Mission

At Oscar Steele's Family Kenpo Karate & More our mission Is to
build confidence and self esteem in our students by developing self
sufficiency through the martial arts.

Oscar Steele Studios provides classes and seminars starting for  
ages 7 & up.  Classes are designed for individual needs, various
age groups, private groups, and businesses using information from
Kenpo Karate & other base Martial Arts systems; develop basic self
protection skills, for individual and family safety, with a focus on
physical fitness and Emergency Preparedness.

Programs are further taught for all levels of experience, athleticism
age and gender. The non -martial artist will feel like there is
something they can do and the skilled martial arts practitioner will
be able to view responses and techniques from many alternative
Oscar Steele Studios - Kenpo Karate
612 E Sandy Lake Road Suite 180 - Coppell, TX 75019
(Inside Crossfit Coppell Central)